Welcome to Frozen Moments!

Welcome to Frozen Moments! Click here for “WEDDING GALLERY”

Photography is not just a passion or hobby, it is the essence of life! An extension and expression of self. Here on this photography journey – together with you! We at “Frozen Moments” believe that every wedding has a story and in an attempt to capture the essence of that story, we try and come up with a theme that best signifies the personality of the couple and their family. Special moments of your wedding day were captured in a high-definition, crisp photo and video that equals the picture quality of a movie. Our cinematographers do exactly that. We shoot all wedding events by super-high definition (HD) cameras with special lenses and equipment that almost rival a big budget feature film.

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Still a “Work In Progress”. Will remain one. The focus is on PHOTOGRAPHY, its quality, feel and experience. We are not commercial or paid artists, we are nurtured by your words of encouragement and support. It is not our intent to be technically spot on or click photo for photo. We click from our heart to yours!We do our best to bring you the best! This is your place and for you.

We are also proud to click pictures for you and your beloved. Our humble way of making our world a better place through Photography !
Connecting with you to make a difference! Connect with us to learn more!

With lots of love.