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How Natural Light helps in taking great wedding photos

Today we are going to discuss How Natural Light helps in taking great wedding photos. Wedding photography using natural light is simply a great Idea, but it have got some challenges. Only an experienced photographer can take those challenges and click great wedding photos using natural light and low light lenses. In Indian weddings, natural light does play many roles. Most weddings happen at day time or early in the morning. And most of them are outdoor weddings, though outdoor weddings are gaining popularity now a days. If you get chances to shoot outdoor weddings or if you want to capture wedding photos using natural light, make sure that you follow these tips. Learning how to use natural light will give you the confidence to shoot in any lighting available. Surely wedding photography using natural light is wonderful idea, we have come across many professional wedding photographers who have learned how to use natural light after experimenting with it for many years. If you need much softer light for your photos, look for an open shade near the wedding venue. It should be a spot where direct sunlight is not hit but still provides ambient light. Such spots can be found under large trees, the space between two buildings or walls, etc.The most important tip you should remember is to use prime fixed lenses. Wedding photos that are taken using natural light need a lot of sharpness and they should be properly exposed in camera. The reason why we suggest you use prime lenses is that they feature wider apertures. and wide open apertures help you grab much light. Also, you will get a good Bokeh in the background with prime lenses. Time is very important in natural light photography. The changing intensity of natural light during a day time plays a significant role in determining the ideal time for the perfect click. One minute, the sun can be casting its rays on your subjects, and the next minute, it will hide under the clouds, and diminish. Therefore, do a thorough research and identify the type of light you want in your photos. And let the wedding couples be ready for the shoot accordingly. Good romantic wedding photos can be clicked during the golden light of a day. The two hours after sunrise and two hours before sunset is the perfect time to capture the most beautiful images in golden light. If you still can’t find a good spot to use natural light for your photos, don’t worry. Use the window light to capture amazing indoor wedding portraits. Position your subjects near the window in a manner that they are illuminated from the side. Unless you are creating silhouette photos, keep in mind that you don’t position your subjects directly in front of the light.Trust us, once you understand the rules of the game and techniques of natural light photography, you will become an expert in it and will be clicking images with wow effect.