Prasad & Poonam Pre-Wedding

Prasad & Poonam Pre-Wedding shoot Indore. As a wedding photographer in Indore. I receive many calls from newly engaged couples regarding pre-wedding shoot. But unfortunately all the calls which I receive have no Idea what exactly a pre wedding shoot means. They do not have any Idea about the importance and significance of a pre wedding shoot. Most of them are confused by having discussion with many wedding photographers and their Ideas. When somebody asks me he / she wants to have pre wedding shoot on three or four locations on a single day. At the very moment I come to know that he or she do not have any idea about what exactly a pre wedding shoot.

Its something not about the locations or the landscapes or the exotic locations. Its something about both of your good self. I have seen many pre wedding shoots of different photographers around the world capturing the good exotic locations in the background and place the couple just like the cherry on the cake, too small to even see the facial expression of both. My dear friends, Its pre wedding not vacation to a exotic location. Most of the photographers focus on the locations and the good ambiance not on the faces and the expressions of the couple as it require lots of expertise to capture real expressions of the moments the couple shares during a pre wedding shoot.